‘‘Only those
who dare,
truly live.‘‘
- Ferrari


Dlhá, Slovakia

After three months as owner of go kart and three weeks of break from my first race ever, infinite count of excuses why don't go on Slovakian Karting Cup I decided to fight with this challange and came to Dlhá, near Trnava, Slovakia.

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RabócsiRing, Hungary

After a few months of training in Vechec, Slovakia on the T1 Ring, exploring the go-kart and getting to know awesome people, I ended up in my historically first ever race outside of Slovakia, in neighboring Hungary on RabócsiRing circle.

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MAY 2018

Welcome the ‘‘Beast‘‘!

It was the 17th of May, in the afternoon and I was experiencing the most intense feeling of happiness, and pride when I reached my goal and saw the result of my hard work. My new toy, a go-kart, which we can call as - the Beast.

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Who am I?

Lukáš "striky" Strišovský

Since I was little, I have been attracted to electronics and adrenaline. After some time, I converted my wishes into real world use.. etc., etc.. You already know all this from my story I shared with you all earlier here but what you may not know is that Motor Sports was my greatest wish of all. Virtual options were a bit of a compensation for me for a while as well as watching the WRC and later the Formula 1 races. Watching Formula 1 is still something I do now, because I am a big fan of Ferrari and from the drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen in particular. Now that I have achieved my childhood dream and I'm a proud owner and driving my own Mad-Croc with type KZ 125 (125cm3) go-kar in the Slovak Karting Cup. For more information about my first steps click here.


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4th place

RabócsiRing, Hungary


5th place

RabócsiRing, Hungary


8th place

Dlhá, Slovakia


Interested in supporting/sponsoring me?

Any kind of support, whether it is a few drops of fuel, repair kits for my go-kart during the race in the pits, financial support etc. This can help me on my way to be achiving better results and you can help me with that.

My Goals

My primary goal is to win a race and to be able to reach this goal I have been very dedicated to training very hard during my spare time. I usually train on the T1 Ring circle in Vechec, Slovakia. My number 1 goal is to attend all the races on the Slovak Karting Cup for 2019 and finish them at least in the middle of the starting grid. Secondly, I would like to attend a few races on the RabócsiRingu circuit in Hungary and finish in the top 3.

My achievements

My best result to date has been no major accident in trainings or during races :) After that my best result has been 4th place in Hungary on RabócsiRing and 8th place from a race in the Slovak Karting Cup, which was held in Dlhá, Slovakia.


In case of a sponsorship in any way: such as: stickers on my go-kart, helmet or a trailer. Happy to collaborate via social networks (Facebook, Instagram) or link building to your website, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Would definitely love to get in touch.

Bank Information

Fio banka, a.s.
pobočka zahraničnej banky
Nám. SNP 21, Bratislava, 811 01
Slovak Republic (SK)
Account number: 2401395022
Bank code: 8330
IBAN: SK6683300000002401395022


Lukáš Strišovský
SNP 331
Prakovce, 05562
E-mail: karting@striky.sk
Telefón: +421 948 121 349

Social Networks

Watch, share, enjoy and follow me on my social networks! I'm thankful for any support I can get, even if it’s just a humble like on my photos/posts. Appreciate your support. Thank you!

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